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Barack Obama biographer David Garrow who revealed ex-president’s ‘gay fantasies’ says he is as insecure as Donald Trump

A biographer who years ago revealed Barack Obama‘s alleged gay fantasies has labeled the former president ‘as insecure as Trump’ – and says he is too ‘lazy’ to serve on the Supreme Court in a new bombshell interview.

Sitting down for a lengthy Q&A with Tablet, historian David Garrow also renewed claims Obama’s first memoir was fabricated – slamming it as ‘fictionalized’ and an attempt at ‘inventing a racial identity struggle that never happened’.

Previously, in the 1,078-page biography Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Garrow unmasked how a young Obama considered a gay relationship while at college, and cheated on Michelle with his ex during their first year of dating.

It also revealed how the ex-head of state – has made a career from speaking engagements and several book deals – once called America a ‘racist society’ in an unpublished manuscript from his days at Harvard Law.

Already aired for some six years, Garrow, 70, addressed many of these revelations Wednesday in the 16,000 word interview, while also offering some new insight on the man commonly thought to be the Democratic Party’s most influential figure.

Quickly, Garrow – who spent eight hours chatting to Obama off-the-record while writing his tome – offered statements that seemed to contradict those claims.

‘He has no interest in building the Democratic Party as an institution,’ he told Tablet. ‘I think that’s obvious.’

In more than 16,000 words, he went on to lay out what he believed the newly 62-year-old politician’s true intent as a prominent figure is, as he continues to live in Washington and very much in the public eye.

‘I don’t think he had any truly deep, meaningful policy commitments other than the need to feel and to be perceived as victorious, as triumphant,’ he said of the two-term president, who was succeeded by Trump in 2016.

He went on to state: ‘I’ve sometimes said to people that I think Barack is actually just as insecure as Trump, but in ways that are not readily perceived by the vast majority of people.

‘I think that’s probably my most basic takeaway.’

The historian – whose 2017 tome was hailed as an ‘impressive’ book that ‘intended to break the 44th president’s monopoly on his personal narrative’ – proceeded to hone in Obama even more, going as far to call him ‘a creature from another planet.’

‘He’s not normal – as in not a normal politician or a normal human being,’ Garrow said, after offering an anecdote that claimed Obama’s lawyer, his go-between while he was writing his book, once advised him not to ask the ex-president about his father – a black Kenyan who met Obama’s white mother at the University of Hawaii.

Referenced in the title of Obama’s book, the late Barack Hussein Obama played a major part in Obama’s embracement of ‘Black racial consciousness’ in the 2004 narrative – which Garrow again Wednesday called a work of fiction.

‘It does go back to ‘Dreams’ being a work of fiction, that the absence of an actual personal story makes him need to compose one,’ Garrow – who has also penned books about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement – continued.

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