Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 4 August 2023

Where Would We Be, If We Said “NO!” | Ep84 | David Icke Dot-Connector

This week on the Dot-Connector, viewers are in for a double treat!

Episode 83 begins by delving into the fascinating world of weather manipulation technology. Unravelling the mysteries surrounding this cutting-edge field and explores the possibilities and realities of weather control happening all around us. From potential applications to ethical concerns, audiences will gain valuable insights into this ground-breaking technology.

But that’s not all; in episode 84 David Icke takes on an eye-opening look at the alarming rise of shoplifting gangs. Initially prevalent in America and now increasingly affecting the UK.

David Icke episode exposes the true motives behind their actions, revealing how they inadvertently serve the cult’s agenda of increasing crime rates. Shockingly, recent carjackers involved in such incidents have had their charges dropped, sparking further discussions on the state of justice.

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