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Shocking manipulation – ‘Frightening’ AI images show what UK will look like by 2100 due to climate change – from cities on fire to iconic landmarks flooded. Note use of the word ‘will’ when they can’t get the weather right even days ahead

The shocking images show how our homes, landscapes, and iconic landmarks will be affected including the Angel of the North surrounded by widlfires and the Tower of London submerged in water.

New AI images have unveiled the “frightening” reality the UK could face by 2100 if global warming continues to go unchecked and temperatures increase.

The images show shocking results of how our homes, local landscapes and iconic landmarks will be affected such as the flooding of the Tate Britain and Brighton Pier, and the Angel of the North and the Peak District surrounded by wildfires.

The images use data from climate change non-profit organisation Climate Central and have been put together by the Eco Experts.

The images show that Cambridge, Great Yarmouth, and a number of London landmarks are at risk and future damage is expected to include severe coastal erosion, evacuation of homes, over-crowded hospitals and potentially the return of face masks.

Charlie Clissitt, editor of The Eco Experts, said the images are designed to “show the shocking reality facing the UK if we don’t act.”

She said: “We often hear that flooding and wildfires will reach the UK on a grand scale, but people have rarely seen what it would actually look like. Unfortunately, for many people in the UK, it’s going to take climate change reaching their doorsteps before they take action.

“We hope that these images will spur people to make a change.”

Ms Clissit added that change “can start at home” through smart meters, insulation, solar panels and heat pumps “but it’s essential that we get real action from the government.”

The images alongside their warnings to the government to act now on preventing climate change getting worse, comes as Europe has experienced deadly and scorching temperatures over recent weeks.

Temperature records were broken in a number of locations with Decimomannu in Sardinia recording 46.2C and Malaga airport in Spain reaching 44.2C.

Over 10 European countries have also been affected by deadly wildfires due to the fatal heatwave, killing hundreds of people and forcing both holidaymakers and local people to flee hotels and their homes.

In its new State of the UK Climate report for 2022, the Met Office warned that temperatures rising beyond 40C, heatwaves, wildfires, summer droughts, heavy rains, flooding, and rising sea levels will all increase in frequency and severity if nothing changes.

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