Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 4 August 2023

Men giving birth – how and why?

MEN can have babies. That is a truth so universally acknowledged that to say otherwise is to be branded a transphobe or even a TERF, a ‘trans exclusionary radical feminist’. Men can probably be TERFs too – I’ll need to check the MANual.

Enough of that; there is a very serious side to all this. Last year the guidance given to midwifery students at a Scottish university was that some transgender birth-giving men (i.e. women) could still have intact male reproductive organs. Shurely shome mishtake, Mish Moneypenny! A transgender man (i.e. a woman) does not and never has had intact male reproductive organs.

While the midwifery lecturer (of unspecified gender) was clearly confused about male and female reproductive anatomy, the student midwives were not and leaked the guidance to the press. The guidance was later amended to say that ‘some men could give birth through a surgically constructed penis’. At this point words fail the faint-hearted, most of whom prefer not to think about a surgically constructed penis let alone pushing a baby out through one.

recent article in Medscape, no stranger to these pages for its extreme Covid-orthodoxypro-masking and pro Covid-19 vaccine stance, tries to shed some light on the darkness surrounding the issue of men who give birth. In an update on ‘Pregnancy Outcomes in Transgender Men’, using all the latest woke newspeak gobbledegook that they can muster, we are helpfully informed that ‘only individuals who are assigned female at birth have a uterus are capable of pregnancy’. The word ‘female’ appears four times in the article, twice qualified as having been ‘assigned at birth’. In the same way, the word ‘women’ makes only two appearances and is qualified both times as ‘cisgender’ (i.e. not so mentally ill that they think they are men).

It gets worse. Health professionals in the front line of maternity care can help close the gap ‘between these patients and societal misconceptions surrounding transgender men who desire and experience pregnancy’. Which rather begs the question of why these women want to be men in the first place. Doctors and midwives need to remember that ‘many transmasculine individuals will still retain their uterus and are therefore capable of getting pregnant’ if they are involved in ‘penile-vaginal intercourse’. Let’s not go there!

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