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Durham University Promotes ‘Decolonisation’ of Degree Courses With a ‘Woke Toolkit’ to Remove Non-inclusive Content

Step aside, Plato and Kant, make way for Anton Amo and Frantz Fanon! Academics at Durham University have been given a ‘Decolonising the Curriculum toolkit’ to cleanse their lessons of anything deemed insufficiently inclusive. The Mail has more.

A leading university is encouraging academics to ‘decolonise’ degree courses, the Mail can reveal.

Teaching staff at Durham have access to a ‘woke toolkit’ aimed at ridding lessons of any content deemed to be insufficiently inclusive.

The material tells academics that decolonising is “essential” for a “well rounded education” and they should “re-examine their moral framework” if they view “equity as a threat”.

The ‘Decolonising the Curriculum toolkit’ offers resources for employees in the university’s business school, but can also be accessed by staff in other departments. Although not mandatory, it contains advice for subjects including anthropology, history, maths and philosophy. History courses include modules titled ‘Black British History’ and ‘History of Black Radical Thought’.

Philosophy staff are encouraged to ask why Plato or Kant are more important than African-German thinker Anton Amo or the Afro-Caribbean Frantz Fanon. The document titled ‘Decolonise Philosophy’ reads: “Philosophy and academia has purposefully excluded voices from marginalised people for years.

“To decolonise, we must discuss what it means for philosophy to be in fact colonised.

“At Durham, we must seek a philosophical education that is inclusive and wide ranging.”

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