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Watch: Neil deGrasse Tyson Slammed for Defending Pseudoscience Behind Woke Gender Studies

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was dressed down by de-transitioner Chloe Cole and others after he attempted to argue in favor of wacky gender studies claiming a man can be a woman and vice versa.

Footage of Tyson’s May 3 interview with ESPN host Stephen A. Smith went viral this week showing him defending the notion people can wake up in the morning and be whatever gender they feel.


“Apparently the XX/XY chromosomes are insufficient because when we wake up in the morning we exaggerate whatever feature we want to portray, the gender of our choice, either the one you’re assigned, the one you choose to be, whatever it is,” Tyson claimed.

He disingenuously added he thought the United States was supposed to be “a land where we have the pursuit of happiness.”

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“Suppose whatever my chromosomes, today I feel 80% female, 20% male. I’m gonna put on make up. Tomorrow I might feel 80% male. I’ll remove the makeup and I’ll wear a muscle shirt.”

“Why do you care?! What business it is it of yours to require that I fulfill your inability to think of gender on a spectrum?” the scientist told Smith.

Chloe Cole, a former “trans kid” who has been warning about the dangers of sex reassignment surgeries and hormone treatments, shot back with a response video telling Tyson he should stop confusing people about basic biology.

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