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Passing Observations 195

Here are some facts for your consideration. First, Russia has a huge grain surplus. And too much fertiliser. Second, they can’t sell the stuff to the West because of stupid sanctions introduced by politicians with a yen for self-harming policies. Third, Africa is short of grain and fertiliser. Fourth, African countries received 3% of the Ukraine grain which Russia agreed to allow through in its now infamous deal with the West. (As I revealed some months ago, most of the Ukrainian grain intended for Africa was retained within the EU, with some fed to pigs in Spain, etc.) Fifth, the Ukraine war has created mass starvation in Africa and no one in the West gives a damn. Sixth, Russia is giving some of its excess grain to African countries. Seventh, African countries are very grateful and have fallen in love with Russia. Eighth, African countries are rich in many essential natural resources. Ninth, the US and the West are now stuffed.
Local councils are now emptying householders’ rubbish bins to see what is being thrown away. I am reminded of a pal who was heavily involved with animal rights (and not just shaking a collecting tin on Saturdays). The police used to pick up his weekly rubbish bags and go through them looking for evidence. (Rubbish was collected every week in those distant days.) My pal wanted to make life more interesting for the police so he used to shred all his paperwork and then add old coffee grounds, excess gravy and old soup to the bags. He also had two large dogs and he used to add their used food products to the mix. He would give the mixture a stir before collection day. When the police finally gave up he was negotiating for a supply of used nappies to add to the mix.
Delighted to see that the boss of Nat West bank fell on her sword eventually – though she took her time about it. Hopefully, by now the rest of the board will have gone too. But I haven’t heard that the BBC person who was responsible for the incorrect story has been fired or resigned. Still, I suppose that if the BBC got rid of every reporter who got a story wrong they’d have to sack them all wouldn’t they? Incidentally, it is my experience that bank confidentiality does not exist. Someone at a bank branch I visited recently gossiped about a transaction I made and it came back to me via the guy who unblocked our drains. Bank staff, like medical staff, seem to have forgotten what confidentiality means.
The BBC is apparently now claiming that the cold weather Britain had in July was a result of global warming. You have to give the climate change nutters full marks for sticking to their bizarre narrative, don’t you? Incidentally, the mainstream media keep announcing things like ‘63,476.5 people have died of the heat’. How do they know if someone dies of the heat? Maybe they had a bad heart? Or maybe they were given the covid-19 vaccine by a crazed doctor. Incidentally, I expect TV licence fee payers will be pleased to know that the BBC flew someone out to Spain so that he could tell viewers in England what it was like for people having to put up with nice weather. As I write, it is bucketing down. The Met Office website tells me that the weather is fine at the moment and that there is very little risk of rain so I don’t know what the wet stuff is or where it is coming from. Maybe heavenly plumbing has sprung a leak. These, of course, are the same experts who can tell me what the weather will be like in 50 years’ time.
I have warned Antoinette that if I become demented my personality may change. I may become kindly and understanding when talking to traffic wardens and climate change mythologists and understanding and gentle with pro-vaccine enthusiasts.
Doctors in Australia are reported to have refused to perform lung transplant surgery on a patient who hadn’t had four covid-19 vaccinations. I could weep. I really could weep. Don’t these damned doctors know how to read? For the millionth time, the covid jabs are toxic; they don’t do what they are supposed to and they kill people. Anyone still jabbing people with the covid-19 poison should be hung for murder.
A Nobel Prize Winner who wanted to speak about the ‘corruption’ of climate science found himself cancelled by the IMF. He and many other scientists have criticised climate change predictions because the predictions are based on mathematical predictions – and we all know how good they are. Useless mathematical predictions were used to create the fake covid pandemic scare. And now this pseudoscientific garbage is the basis for the fake climate change scare. The thousands of journalists, businessmen, politicians, civil servants and environmentalists who have jumped on the global warming bandwagon have three things in common: they are illiterate, they are innumerate and they are scare mongers. Most of them are paid to lie and deceive and they are (like the AIDS promoters) part of an immensely profitable industry. Meanwhile, the climate change nutters are claiming that July was the hottest month since last July and that the earth is now at boiling point. These people are wicked and insane and they need medical attention. We’ve had our central heating on for much of July. And I can’t remember that ever happening before. Even more frightening than these scare mongers, however, are the brainless, arrogant buffoons who believe they have a right to change the weather. Their utterly insane schemes will destroy the planet and everything on it and in the end they will be able to say: ‘See, there you are, man-made climate change has destroyed us all’. But it will have been the powders they’ve sprayed in the sky and not the car exhausts and the farting cows which will have done the damage.
BBC staff should watch RT (which is supposedly banned but can be seen on Bitchute) to learn how a balanced broadcaster operates.
The UK stopped a Ukrainian priest from giving evidence about war crimes to the UN security council. The UK has become a bad, bad country. Britain is now the sort of country all good people used to despise.
We need 5% of the people to reject digitalisation, compulsory vaccination, etc. If one in twenty people stay true to themselves, and defy the globalists, then we will succeed in retaining our humanity and our independence.
Electric cars which are just two-years-old are having to be fitted with completely new batteries because the original ones have worn out. The cost is phenomenal. And the cost to the environment of getting rid of all those useless batteries will be vast. Once again, the evidence shows that electric cars are a pointless fad and that the people who buy them are insane. My good friend Dr Colin Barron visited the Imperial War Museum the other day and discovered that after the end of World War II the nose section of Blenheim Mark 1 was converted into an electric car. The car, which looked like the nose section of a Blenheim Mark 1 converted to an electric car (which means it looked much more fun than the vehicles currently being turned out), was driven around Bristol until 1954. Colin has just written a book about electric cars which you MUST buy if you are even dreaming of contemplating buying one, or if you want to explain to someone who has bought one why they should have bought a proper car. The book is called Why I’ll never buy an electric car. There’s a kindle version available now and a paperback will be available shortly. Colin was kind enough to send me a proof copy of his new book and I can tell you it is absolutely excellent and essential reading.
In autumn 2022, the UK Government said that all patients would be able to see their GP within two weeks. It was, of course, another failure. (So far every single promise the UK government has made has been broken or abandoned.) Over 38 million patients have now waited longer than two weeks to see their GP. It’s time to close the NHS and abandon the experiment. If you’re at all interested in health care in general or the NHS in particular please read my book `NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right’.
I have been warning for years that rental properties would become scarce and very expensive. Well, it has happened and rental properties are now almost as rare as mare’s nests. It was predictable because the loony left deliberately made life impossible for landlords. Lefties and neo liberals cheered wildly as new taxes and regulations made life increasingly expensive and pointless for anyone with a property to rent.
I was astonished to hear that the authorities are thinking of banning children from taking mobile phones to school. I was astonished because it never occurred to me that children would be allowed to take phones with them. Teachers are even more insane than I feared. No one under the age of 21 should be allowed to own a mobile phone or, indeed, any other device likely to be connected to the internet.
The conspirators’ plan is to chop down all the trees and make all buildings out of timber. This will make homes much more vulnerable to fire so that those people who are inside will burn and die. And since buildings will be crammed together in 15 minute cities, the flames will spread and kill millions. All this can then be blamed on global warming.
AI companies are promising all sorts of terrible things will happen. They’re talking rubbish. Computer companies always get things wrong. Most of the talk about AI is just science fiction. The real threat is far more mundane. AI will take millions of jobs if we let it. The science fiction garbage is just out there to frighten us and distract us. Don’t be frightened of AI. Just remember the Daleks couldn’t climb stairs.
The most missed, serious diagnosis today is probably Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. It is often mistaken for dementia. For details please look at my book When Dementia Can be Cured: 1 in 10 Dementia Patients have NPH and Could be Cured in Days.
Capital expenditure on fossil fuel production is down 30% since 2020. This is entirely due to the insane climate change nutters who want us all to freeze or starve. The result is that fuel prices are going to keep going up.
There is much excitement at the idea of countries paying all their citizens a universal basic income. But if the UK were to introduce a UBI for all citizens, paying every adult £1,600 a month, the total cost would be £1 trillion a year. After the cost of administering this service there would be nothing left for schools, hospitals, roads, police, the military, Ukraine or spending on civil servants. Everyone would have to pay for health care, policing, education, etc., etc., out of their £1,600 a month.
If you’ve been following the events in World War III, you might wonder why Murmansk has been the scene of so much fighting recently. Here’s a clue which the BBC and The Guardian may have forgotten to tell you about. Murmansk is the site of a massive LNG plant which is almost certain to be one of the world’s major sources of LNG – big enough to rival the United States (itself a massive source of the world’s LNG). The Americans don’t want competition for their LNG industry. So, NATO is using Ukraine as a weapon in its commercial war. (You will remember that America blew up the Nord Stream pipeline to stop Russia moving fuel to Europe – thereby forcing Europe to buy expensive American fuel and impoverishing Europeans.)
I understand that classic cars are exempt from the stupid, mindless new road pricing legislation introduced by Khan in London (and mimicked in other cities). So we will able to drive our 66-year-old new car in London without having to pay the insane ULEZ charge. Soon, the only traffic in London will consist of very old vehicles, and the city will look an old black and white Pathe newsreel. Wonderful.

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