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Business Secretary Badenoch Warns of Job Losses If Government Sticks With Net Zero Car Ban

The Business Secretary has raised the alarm about job losses if a new Government edict insisting that 22% of new cars sold by manufacturers will need to be electric vehicles comes into force in January. The Telegraph has more.

Car manufacturers are warning they will not be able to hit a requirement that 22% of new vehicles they sell in 2024 must be zero emission models that are completely electric.

A manufacturer will be fined £15,000 for every polluting car sold over the limit, unless they can somehow buy in extra allowances from another company.

Mrs. Badenoch is understood to be concerned about the requirement, known as the zero emissions vehicle (Zev) mandate.

A spokesman for Mrs. Badenoch said: “If major car companies employing thousands of people are saying that there’s a problem, then it’s her job to look at ways to ease that problem.”

Net Zero has become a central issue for both the Conservatives and Labour, with Rishi Sunak under mounting pressure to delay the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles.

Last week, the Telegraph revealed that Honda and Toyota were publicly urging a softening of the rules amid fears that they would be breached if implemented as planned.

Mrs Badenoch’s spokesman was also quoted saying “Honda and Toyota are not the only manufacturers who have raised concerns” and “Kemi has been raising their concerns with colleagues in the Cabinet”.

The accuracy of the remarks, first reported by the Politico website, was not disputed by the Business Department.

The Telegraph understands that government ministers are looking at new “flexibilities” to help with the crunch, but are committed to the introduction of the quota.

Despite the rules coming into force in just five months, the Transport Department has still not revealed its full approach of how it will oversee the scheme.

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