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Pilot CBDC Shows Central Bank Has Total Control

“Conspiracy Theorists” Were Right Again!

The pilot project of Brazil’s Central Bank Digital Currency the Real Digital allows the freezing of user wallets and reducing balances, as was always highly suspected by “conspiracy theorists!”

The Real Digital

The president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, presented Brazil’s digital agenda back in November 2022 where a preview of the Real Digital app was presented. According to Campos “The Real Digital, the central bank digital currency (CBDC) in Brazil, appears to tokenize the banking system” he explained that the “CBDC is nothing more than a token issued by the bank upon deposit”(source).

However, it is clearly more than that as revealed in a report by Journalist Vini Barbosa on the website Portal do Bitcoin.

The Public Audit

On Monday the 3rd of July the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) published information on their Central Bank Digital Currency Pilot scheme which offered public participation in its audit. As a result, developers found that the digital currency allows the freezing and manipulation of users’ wallets.

According to Barbosa, following the publication of the documentation about the Brazilian CBDC pilot project on GitHub, the Central Bank of Brazil also allowed the start of a public audit of the system’s source code.

The public and collaborative audit of their pilot CBDC  on the open platform “Kit Onboarding” contains documentation and configuration files that can be accessed by anyone as one of the purposes of publishing the pilot, (as written in the project’s so-called “Onboarding Kit”), is to receive feedback — leaving all documentation subject to evolution or changes.


As we would expect, the audit attracted attention and feedback from a number of developers who went on to analyse the code leading to the discovery of a few unknown code functions (Commands). These functions essentially allow the controllers to make several relevant changes in the data of the CBDCs ledger, directly affecting its users.

Reverse Engineering

One full-stack developer Pedro Magalhães who specialises in Blockchain and DeFI, and the programming language Solidity, announced on LinkedIn that he had “discovered Solidity’s Source Code of the CBDC through the ABI (interface) of Real Digital using reverse engineering”.

Magalhães wrote “Recently, I delved into the world of ABIs (interfaces) of Real Digital, a Central Bank’s initiative, with the intention of exploring possible vulnerabilities for purely didactic purposes.”

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