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Oxford council sponsors week long ‘drag camp’ for children

The city council is sponsoring a five day drag camp which offers 14-year-olds the opportunity to become “divas”.

Oxford City Council is supporting a week long “Drag Camp” which offers 14 to 18 year olds the chance to “create their own daring stage persona”.

The camp, which starts on Monday on Magdalen Road, will be run by T(ART) Productions, which is a queer not for profit community events company, alongside Pegasus theatre group and Doris Field Charitable Trust.

The company promises to help children find their “drag voice” and to introduce them to the “world of drag as a performance art”.

Stephanie Davies-Arai of Transgender Trend told the Daily Mail said: “Why is Oxford City Council encouraging children to participate in the world of adult entertainment?

“The aim of queer activists is clear in the blurb: to subvert and destabilise boundaries, under the guise of being empowering for children.

“Encouraging children to create a ‘daring’ stage persona means only one thing in the drag world: to push sexual boundaries.

“Blurring the boundaries between adult and child in this way is a safeguarding red flag.”

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