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Just Stop Oil caught boasting their protest tactics have shaped Labour policy in secret recording

Just Stop Oil activists are boasting their tactics have shaped Labour Party policy, it emerged last night.

They were secretly taped at a meeting claiming a stunt outside Parliament had influenced the Opposition’s stance.

Larch Maxey said Labour ‘suddenly shifted’ to vetoing new North Sea oil and gas projects after JSO blocked London roads for weeks.

He suggested the shift had empowered the group to ‘escalate to high-level action’.

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps last night accused Labour leader Keir Starmer of surrendering to JSO’s ‘criminal tactics’.

At the meeting in Birmingham last month, Dr Maxey hailed the success of disruptive slow marches last autumn, saying: ‘Very reluctantly we blocked the roads around Parliament every day for 32 days straight.

‘And that suddenly cut through, we were headline news, Labour suddenly shifted and said ‘We hate Just Stop Oil, oh but by the way, we’re going to stop new oil, coal and gas’.

The Eco fanatic who spent 4 weeks in a tunnel under HS2 site with Swampy

Dr Larch Maxey, real name Ian, was one of the Euston tunnellers who burrowed under the HS2 site in January 2021 and spent four weeks underground with veteran eco warrior Swampy.

Born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and now living in Totnes, Devon, he says he has a PhD in sustainability and was a geography lecturer and post-doctoral researcher for 17 years.

He told an Insulate Britain meeting in Coventry in September 2021, attended by an undercover Mail on Sunday reporter, that the group had ‘trained up’ ‘working class spokespeople’ in a bid to shake off its middle-class image.

At the time, Dr Maxey, 50, was sporting an ankle tag as part of his bail conditions after being arrested for his part in the HS2 protests. All charges were dropped.

In an earlier interview with The Guardian, he said he had no income and described himself as a ‘relaxed freegan’ – someone who only eats leftover food that would be going to waste.

He tries to recycle clothing, saying: ‘If there’s a sock on the pavement, I’ll pick it up and give it a rinse at home.’

He spent nine hours in a police cell in 2018 after being arrested for obstructing Southwark Bridge.

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