Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 31 July 2023

‘Yours’ – A Poem By Stephanie Weiss

Woman and flying birds enjoying life in nature on sunset background

​In reality you kissed me dear,

In illusion there is only fear

In reality you make me smile,

In illusion it is only a cry

In reality you give me all I could possible need

In illusion there is nothing, not even a feed.

In reality we have only just begun,

In illusion nothing is being said and done.

In reality there is nothing that hurts,

In illusion I am bruised by all the unspoken words.

In reality you beg me to fight

In illusion my heart pain is too tight.

In reality I decided you to be my first choice,

In illusion when I stand in front of you, I dont even have a voice.

In reality the highest forces trusted you would be up for this task,

in illusion you prefer to continue to wear this Matrix mask.

In reality you signed  to be on our side,

In illusion this is what you have denied.

In reality our love is pure and strong,

In illusion we dont know where we belong.

In reality you proposed and ask for my hand,

In illusion there is a lot yet to understand.

In reality you ask me for one last dance,

In illusion there will be this chance.

In reality we are all that we need,

In illusion maybe there is a seed.

In reality it is your pre-ordained destiny at this time,

In illusion trust it and it will be fine.

With love Stephanie Weiss, 19.7.2023

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