Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 31 July 2023

Jabbed, brain-damaged and shunned by my husband

I AM a 52-year-old woman living in criminal-corporatocracy Australia. When Covid struck I was locked down with my husband John. I do not do Facebook or Twitter or the others, and I have always avoided news as I found it so depressing. John would sometimes tell me news which he got from the ABC. We were perfect clueless believers.

When I spoke to my GP she told me that she had been vaccinated, and that lots of people need to get vaccinated so that the hospital system doesn’t fall over. She didn’t mention safety or risk or me specifically. At that time I didn’t notice the enormous wrongs in that advice.

I talked with John about the vaccine and I suggested we not get it, we wait, and he thought we should get it because the airlines required it and I wanted to travel to visit my elderly father.

I trusted and believed in the knowledge of both my doctor and my husband. I searched for information about the vaccines and the results were mostly US and Australian government websites and places such as the Mayo Clinic.

I didn’t have a chance. The game was rigged and I had no idea we were even playing a game.

I got three vaccinations at the newly converted clinic nearby. They took my DNA, although they didn’t explain that they were doing that. I had to sign something which I didn’t understand. The nurse had to read out something which I didn’t understand.

On the day of the third a big lump grew in my armpit. The internet said it was fine and it meant the medicine was working. It went away, but that’s not the end of the story.

My body has always been slow to react and recover. After some months I noticed I was frequently feeling dizzy. John said I was dehydrated and should drink more water. I put it down to the heat, which I have never coped very well with.

Next I went to stay with my elderly Dad in another city. He wasn’t coping looking after himself. Now my Dad is quite an unusual man. He loves history and world politics and thinks most US politicians both historically and today are lying reptiles who have caused most of the world’s suffering. He doesn’t watch Australian TV. He watches Russia Today.

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