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Interdimensional entities, lions, reptilians and the ‘otherworldly’ Illustrations of Neil Hague

Four Illustrated books

Aeon Rising – The Battle for Atlantis Earth is the final part of an epic creation myth. In this highly original work of fiction, author and illustrator Neil Hague completes the trilogy in the Kokoro Chronicles. Aeon Rising is an adventure that tells the story of an ancient Earth, a world created through the ‘dreaming’.

The book offers a unique narrative mapping the ‘end times’ of the lost continent of Atlantis, and telling how the heavens were caught up in an immense battle to prevent its demise. We are taken on a journey from west to east through the eyes of the monkey god, Lonza, and the bear tribes of the Third World Age. We meet the lion priests of Atlan, as they hold on to a world age coming to a drastic finale. The book is an epic struggle for the dominion of a new Earth; one forced upon the ‘first humans’ by those who came from outside of the Solar System.

Moon Slayer – The Return of the Lions of Durga is a unique creation myth. It is an extraordinary story. One that has never been told before. In this highly original work of fiction we visit distant galaxies, are introduced to a new perspective on the stars and are shown how unseen forces shaped our Solar System in a time before the Moon. Its powerful narrative describes how worlds are formed and worlds taken and possessed by the creators of galaxies, suns, and planets; and how, caught up in this, is an epic struggle for dominion of the Earth, spanning many hundreds of thousands of years. Moon Slayer is the legend of how our Sun was stolen, our Moon ‘possessed’ and how the Earth was ‘high-jacked’ by the ancient creator god, Naga (the Great Serpent).

In four parts, we follow the story of the Goddess Durga and the Lions of Regal, and their return to Earth to free it from the darkness of Naga’s control. We are introduced to a ‘multi-dimensional pantheon’ of deities and creators telling of their celestial battles for the Solar Tree and our planet Earth aeons ago. We meet the Velon, Lord Marduk, the Priests of Jeal, the Simus, and the Armies of Saturn, along with other entities that exist beyond the illusion of our physical world. Moon Slayer is inspired by numerous legends and myths, from the Sanskrit Shiva Purana to the legends of the Dreamtime taking us back to the beginning of Creation. More than Genesis, it offers a strikingly unique alternative.

Kokoro is the epic story of divine human consciousness and the world that exists beyond the illusion of flesh and bone, time and space. It is a narrative that tells of the plight of humanity, from the construction of time to our present ‘mind machine’ based reality. In two parts and through his highly individual style of visionary artwork, Neil Hague tells the story of the lion Kokoro (which means Heart) and his emergence in a world fashioned by the creator God Naga (the Serpent) and the Puppet Master – Marduk. Inspired by numerous artists, legends and philosophies, from Blake’s Jerusalem to the Book of Revelation, The story of Kokoro shows how a prison world controlled by fear is transformed through freedom and love. It is the legend of Alpha and Omega and through a kaleidoscope of worlds, symbolism and colour it is designed to inspire all ages. Kokoro is a timely adventure revealing the emergence of the true human being.

Lions & Velons is a unique mini-dictionary that explores even further the books and narratives illustrated by Neil Hague. It is ‘more than a dictionary’ or bestiary, it is an extraordinary companion to the stories of ‘dualistic forces’ that have battled for eons across many worlds. In this highly original and personal work, we are given further insight into the ‘characters and creatures’ that appear in his illustrated books Kokoro and Moon Slayer.

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