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What Happened to Medical Ethics during the [Fake] Pandemic?

The article below is a short summary article I wrote for publication on the website of Door to Freedom, which describes itself as “a new organisation formed to help people make sense of a rapidly changing and often confusing world”.

Door to Freedom was founded by U.S. doctor Meryl Nass and launched just over a week ago. It aims to collate and publish information from experts and campaigners around the world relating to threats to our human rights and freedoms we are facing from the WHO, UN and other supranational bodies as they seek to strengthen their power, influence and control over national public health policies in health emergencies. In a series of very readable, short two-minute articles and longer essays, international experts (including Dr. David Bell, James Roguski, Vera Sharav and Dr. Kat Lindley) explore and analyse not just the WHO Power Grab, but also wider issues and agendas which threaten humanity and democracy, such as the climate change agenda, CBDCs, the World Economic Forum ESG scoring system, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the rise of AI, transhumanism and more. 

Door to Freedom is still in its embryonic stage and it is encouraging people to sign up for its email newsletter and to share the excellent articles on social media and with friends and family. This valuable information is designed to educate and empower the public to fight the WHO power grab and other sinister and unethical agendas more effectively. Below is a taste of the kind of article you will find on the website – my article summarising the collapse of medical ethics during the pandemic years..

We have a global crisis of medical ethics. In the last three years, under the excuse of the pandemic ’emergency’, we have seen the destruction of the sacred doctor-patient relationship and the violation of fundamental human rights and the ethical principles of informed consent and bodily autonomy. Politicians and health officials have effectively practised medicine on individuals they don’t know, and worse, have done so through enforced Covid treatment protocols and mandated testing, face masks and vaccines, which were required for the public to access basic freedoms and rights such as to work, travel and even to shop.

Medical ethics are vitally important and should be non-negotiable in a civilised society. They exist to hold doctors and medical professionals accountable for their actions and to protect vulnerable patients from abuse and atrocities, recognising the unavoidable power imbalance in the doctor-patient relationship.

When we are considering any medical intervention for an individual, it must be proportionate, necessary and given under strict ethical principles. The Hippocratic Oath, upheld by doctors around the world for over two millennia, states “First, do no harm”. All medical interventions have the potential to cause harm, so doctors must ensure they obtain voluntary and fully informed consent, following a discussion of the risks and benefits to that individual and any alternative treatment options. Healthcare professionals are expected to maintain confidentiality and respect the value and dignity of each person, acting as their patient’s advocate.

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