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Video: Doddering Diane Feinstein Ordered To “Just Say Aye” During Vote By Aide

Diane Feinstein attempted to launch into a speech Thursday during a vote on the Senate floor, prompting one of her aides to order her to “just say aye”.

Senators were voting on the Defense Appropriations Bill. When it came to Feinstein for her vote, she started to ramble on “I would like to support a yes vote on this,” adding “It provides $823 billion, an increase of $26 billion, for the Department of Defense, and it funds priorities–”

She was then cut off by an aide telling her “Just say ‘aye’.”

“Ok, aye!” Feinstein then stated.


As we have previously highlighted, Feinstein was gone from the Senate for ten weeks after contracting shingles. She missed scores of votes, but has no recollection of not being there.

When she was wheeled back into the Capitol building she asked aides “where am I going?”

Feinstein is retiring next year, but it is suspected that she’s being kept in place for now just to get party line votes through.

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