• The Office for National Statistics reckons that 5.6 million immigrants will come to England over the next decade. And 3.4 million tax-paying, largely white English people will leave in despair. Those are the official figures. The real figures will, inevitably, be much higher. The UN and the conspirators are deliberately changing (and destroying) history and culture around the world.
  • The United Nations (pause while I wash my keyboard) reckoned that immigration would maintain the age balance in European populations. They worked out that the EU (in which they included Britain) would need 700 million immigrants between 1995 and 2050. And the plan is working quite well. Starving millions are being forced out of Africa through insane economic policies (and the Ukraine war) and are coming to England in small boats. Conservative governments have constantly promised to reduce immigration and they have constantly failed to do anything about it. They’ve lied and immigration has massively increased under Tory rule. Much the same has happened in other countries, of course.
  • The royals are getting a 45% pay rise which is nice. While the rest of us are freezing and starving to death they can spread the caviar on thicker than ever. Just why war criminal Sunak felt he had the right to give even more of our money to what is already the most expensive reality show in the world is a mystery. And why are taxpayers forking out over £300 million to do up Buckingham Palace when, it seems that none of the royals wants to live there? (I don’t blame them for wanting to live outside London. The English capital must be a prime target for Russia.)
  • When England left the EU I thought we’d leave behind some of the daft laws we had acquired from Brussels. But, thanks to a treacherous Government, we’ve kept most of the rubbishy laws they lumbered us with and now councils are piling mad new ones onto the list. You can, for example, now be fined £100 for feeding a duck, climbing a tree or flying a kite. I’m a bit wobbly for tree climbing (and there’s no hospital service if I fall off or a branch breaks) but I have dusted off my kite and bought an extra loaf of bread for the ducks.
  • Hospitals in England in some areas now have a two week waiting list for standard X-ray results. If it’s a scan or something complicated then the waiting list will be longer. As I keep saying, the UK no longer has professional health care. The British taxpayers pay most for the worst. Read my book NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right. It’s available on Amazon and much loathed by the conspirators and their henchmen, henchwomen and henchinbetweenies.

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