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New MKULTRA Files Reveal Terrifying Experiments On Black Americans

In a groundbreaking investigation, renowned anthropologist Orisanmi Burton has blown the lid off a dark chapter in CIA history. Classified Agency files, recently obtained through Freedom of Information laws, expose shocking ties between the infamous MKULTRA program and nightmarish experiments on prisoners of color within the United States.

Burton’s findings expose MKULTRA’s sinister mission to develop psychological warfare and behavioral manipulation tactics specifically aimed at people of color under the guise of “counterinsurgency.” Unbelievably, these barbaric trials were conducted during a turbulent era when numerous U.S. government agencies relentlessly sought to crush the civil rights movement, and prisons brimmed with political radicalism.

This disturbing revelation puts the CIA’s actions into sharp focus, revealing a ruthless bid to quell Black resistance both on the streets and behind bars. But it doesn’t stop there. Burton’s disclosures raise urgent and profound questions about the far-reaching impact of these operations—both in the past and, unsettlingly, even today.

Among the most haunting questions is whether the Agency actively pursued a race-specific mind-control weapon—an idea that strikes at the very core of ethical and moral boundaries.

As the nation grapples with this revelation, one thing is certain: Burton’s exposé demands answers and accountability for the harrowing atrocities committed in the name of national security. The truth must be unveiled, and justice served for those who suffered under the relentless grip of MKULTRA’s clandestine horrors.


Of the many medical research facilities abused by the CIA for the purposes of MKULTRA, Allan Memorial Institute, a psychiatric hospital in Montreal, Quebec, looms perhaps the largest and most darkly.

It was here that from 1957-1964, the Agency secretly operated the program’s “Subproject 68” under the leadership of notorious psychiatrist Ewen Cameron, the Institute’s founder. Cameron sought to “depattern” minds via a technique known as “psychic driving.” It entailed drugging unconsenting, unwitting patients with incapacitating cocktails of psychedelic substances, then subjecting them to electric shocks while they listened to hours of recorded, looped audio.

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