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Tafari Campbell paddle boarding death riddle: Cops left call log reporting Obama private chef’s drowning BLANK and said it came from 2 miles away – as they refuse to reveal who he was with on the water

Martha’s Vineyard police left the reason for the 911 call reporting Obama private chef Tafari Campbell’s drowning blank in official logs from the night of the accident, can reveal.

Tafari, 45, fell into the water on Sunday night while paddle boarding on Great Edgartown Pond. He was not on the water alone, but police refuse to name the person he was with.

At 7.46pm, a 911 call was made to report that he had fallen in and could not make it back to the surface.

That call is noted in Edgartown Police Department’s logs, but the reason behind it is left noticeably blank. The reason for every other call for that night is given.

The origin of the call is also listed as Wilson’s Landing – a paddle board launch site, some two miles from the Obamas’ house on Turkeyland Cove, where Massachusetts State Police say the first call came from.

The property boasts a private beach from which a paddle board can be easily launched. At the time of the drowning, Barack and Michelle were out of the house.

It’s unclear if Sasha and Malia – who were also in town – were at home, or out with friends or their parents.

The Obamas’ office did not respond to requests to clarify who was in the house when Campbell’s accident occurred.

Dispatch calls between the emergency services on Martha’s Vineyard confirm there was a second paddle boarder on the water with him.

They also confirm that the original 911 call to report what had happened came from a female who, by 8.18pm, was out on the water on a boat going ‘back and forth’ – presumably looking for him.

‘We met with the reporting party, she is on a boat with two individuals and they’re going back and forth as well,’ said one of the rescuers at 8.23pm.

That person also remains unidentified. It’s unclear if they were the person Campbell was paddle boarding with.

Campbell’s body was recovered on Monday at 10am – more than 12 hours after he fell into the water.

He was found 100ft from shore in around 8ft of water.

Since then, Massachusetts State Police have concluded that his death is not suspicious.

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