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Commercial pilots were told not speak publicly about UFOs and had their jobs threatened, expert says

Commercial pilots have allegedly had their jobs threatened if they reported UFO sightings and warned not to speak about it.

There have been dozens of reports of strange lights in the northern hemisphere across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, according to the host of Discovery’s UFO Witness, Ben Hansen.

He claimed in an interview Wednesday with NewsNation that some of the sightings can be explained by a new satellite orbit, but a lot of outlier cases started coming forward in which crafts were doing 90-degree turns, hovering and taking off into the atmosphere.

Hansen said a couple of pilots who came forward to him were hauled into the office of their airline’s chief pilot and threatened with losing their jobs.

It comes after the landmark hearing was held by Congress Wednesday on UFOs, where whistleblowers claimed the flying objects are extremely common in airspace.

Hansen said he started to cover pilot reports on flying alien objects because they were becoming more frequent.

‘About August of last year I started reporting on pilot reports because we were having dozens of people reporting mainly towards the north crossing the Pacific and the Atlantic and seeing lights,’ he told NewsNation.

‘Although we were able to explain some of that as a new starlink kind of orbit, a lot of these what I call outlier cases start coming forward were exactly like Graves indicated these are doing 90-degree turns, they’re stopping, they’re hovering and taking off into the atmosphere.’

He added: ‘At least a couple of these pilots who came to me were brought into their company uh their airline company chief pilot’s office and were threatened basically with their jobs and told not to talk about this.

‘That surprised me because I didn’t think that that stigma was so heavy, especially in the commercial industry.’

Asked of there is a way for pilots to report UFOs without the risk of losing their jobs, Hansen said: ‘It’s getting there I think we’re still very far away from it.

‘We are looking at avenues to do that, it’s probably going to be a civilian private sector solution to this because it feels safer for them to do that until the government has a better avenue.

‘It’s one thing to report to the government, it’s another thing to be that person who comes forward with your company and now you are getting social media attention on it.

‘One of them put it nicely and said you know I could I could video a satellite and put that on social media and my company would say nothing but if I do the same and take a UFO video and tell people this is what I saw then I’m in trouble.’

It comes after Ryan Graves, a former F-18 pilot with over a decade of service in the US Navy, testified under oath in the Congressional hearing that UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena, are extremely common in airspace.

He told the committee he and more than 30 aircrew members and veterans have experienced them along with members of Congress who have confided in him.

Graves said, as an F-18 pilot in the Red Rippers, their squadron was ‘split by UAP’ during a training mission near Virginia Beach in 2014.

He described the object as ‘dark gray or black inside a transparent sphere.’ It was about 15 feet in diameter and came within 50 feet of the lead aircraft.

The mission commander ended the flight, and the squadron submitted a safety report, Graves continued to explain.

‘This story is more common than we expect,’ Graves said: ‘more than 30 witnesses had told his group about similar sightings.’

‘Often, they are veterans with decades of flying experience,’ he added.

Graves also said, ‘UAPs are in our airspace but are grossly underreported.’

David Grusch – a former high-ranking intelligence official- spoke next, providing details about how the US government has ‘intact and partially intact’ extraterrestrial vehicles.

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