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‘He’s Not Telling Us the Truth,’ Top Doctor Urges Jamie Foxx to Address Vax Rumors Following ‘Hell and Back’ Video

Actor Jamie Foxx wasn’t completely honest in a recent video addressing his mystery medical complications, claims renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough.

Discussing Foxx’s recent reemergence on social media with Real America’s Voice on Monday, Dr. McCullough suspected the actor wasn’t being completely forthright about the extent of his mystery illness or any potential ties to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“He’s not telling us the truth,” McCullough told host Grant Stinchfield. “He’s not telling us what he has. First thing he should tell his fans and tell the public: did he take a vaccine? Yes? Or no?”


“He and I talked about this a long time ago. He knows my views on this.”

The Texas-based physician was referring to a video Foxx released last Friday where he claimed he went to “hell and back” and didn’t want fans to see his fragile state during his recovery from an unspecified illness, from which he’d been hospitalized since April.



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