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Laurence Fox fined after breaking Sadiq Khan’s new 20mph limit – he was doing 24mph

Laurence Fox has been fined £220 by a magistrate after being caught out by one of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new 20mph speed limits.

The Reclaim Party leader and actor, 45, was convicted quietly behind closed doors for the incident on Boxing Day last year, when he was flashed by a speed camera while driving at 24mph.

Fox was at the wheel of a Volvo on Vauxhall Bridge Road in Westminster, where 20mph limits were imposed last year as part of Mr Khan’s “Vision Zero” campaign.

The Mayor is aiming to eliminate road deaths by 2041, with 20mph limits due to be expanded this year. The policy has attracted criticism from some motoring groups, who say it contributes to congestion.

Fox the former star of ITV series Lewis, ran to replace Boris Johnson as MP in Uxbridge but lost his deposit after attracting just 2.31 per cent of the vote in last week’s by-election. He also lost his deposit when he ran against Mr Khan in the 2021 mayoral race.

In May, Fox made sarcastic comments when a Labour MP suggested the introduction of 10mph speed limits. But he declined the chance to speak about the Mayor’s 20mph zones in the wake of his own conviction. “We are not commenting on this at all,” a representative from the Reclaim Party said.

Court documents show Fox’s car was clocked by a speed camera at just after 3pm on December 26, 2022. He received notice of the prosecution in May and submitted a form confirming he was the driver of the car. But Lavender Hill magistrates’ court said he did not enter a plea.

Fox was convicted through the Single Justice Procedure this month and ordered by a magistrate to pay a £220 fine plus a victim surcharge and costs.

He will also have three penalty points added to his licence.

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