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How much influence does MI6 have in world events and who do they answer to?

In an interview on Saturday, Larry Johnson, a former Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) analyst, said that Poland is planning to launch an operation – perhaps against Belarus – to draw NATO into the battle.

Last week Scott Ritter revealed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was an agent who is being handled by the Head of MI6, Richard Moore.

Events of the Ukrainian war and the possible action by Poland may or may not be influenced by the same forces but it raises an intriguing question: From whom does Moore take his instructions?

“Poland is probably planning to launch an operation against Belarus to draw NATO into the battle. Because they realise right now that Ukraine is losing and losing badly. So, they’re no longer able to keep up the pretence that Ukraine is winning or Ukraine is fighting Russia to a stalemate. It’s just the opposite. Russia’s crushing Ukraine and Poland is I think trying, in an act of desperation, thinking that they might be able to pull something off that would force a NATO response,” Larry Johnson said during an interview with Dialogue Works.

Earlier this month, former US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter released a documentary ‘Agent Zelensky’. Ritter explained that the Ukrainian president was serving America and the British Crown. He described the significance of a meeting Zelensky had with Richard Moore, the head of MI6, in the autumn of 2020.

“As a secret service agent, I’d like to tell you that there are special norms of decency and protocol. When a president of a sovereign country is on a foreign territory he should meet with his counterpart,” Ritter explained. Andriy Mishin, a former employee of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further explained that the meeting indicated that Moore had become Zelensky’s direct handler.

The two reports above are unrelated.  Or are they?

The Secret History of MI6

In the early 2000s, historian Keith Jeffrey was given unprecedented access to the MI6 archives to assist in his examination of the organisation from 1909 to 1949.   This led to Jeffrey publishing his 2010 book titled ‘The Secret History of MI-6: 1909 – 1949’.

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