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First generation Scot Humza Yousaf ready to cripple homeowners as properties with gas boilers to be banned from being sold. He has no shame and his arrogance is gargantuan. WHAT ARE YOU DOING SCOTLAND??

The Scottish National Party could soon hammer homeowners as First Minister Humza Yousaf considers plans to ban Scots from selling their properties unless they swap gas boilers for heat pumps.

The potential move would force properties to meet the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or above at certain trigger points by 2025, including during a sale.

However, in another blow to homeowners in Scotland, the EPC ratings system will undergo further changes which will enforce stricter green standards.

The change will likely ensure properties which currently meet the C grading will be downgraded.

Possible lower scores could be handed out to large swathes of Scots with additional pressure for homeowners to install low carbon sources of heating, such as a heat pump, at a cost of up to £10,000.

EPC ratings currently consider how costly it is to heat a home.

However, reforms mean the revamped rating could also include the type of heating.

Patrick Harvie, the green zero carbon buildings minister, said the Scottish Government wanted “all homes to reach new energy efficiency standards by no later than 2033”

Writing in the Herald on Sunday, Harvie also said: “Improved energy efficiency is essential but nowhere near enough. We can’t insulate our way to zero carbon buildings. To do that we need to change the way we heat homes.

“To meet our 2030 targets alone, more than one million Scottish homes will need to change to a climate-friendly heating system: a massive transition – as big as the shift from coal to gas last century, but in a shorter timescale.”

But the Scottish Conservative Party voiced concern about how families are expected to cover the cost amid the cost of living crisis.

Douglas Lumsden, the Scottish Tories’ shadow net zero secretary, said: “The green minister is typically acting like he knows best by ploughing ahead with these plans.

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