Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 July 2023

Co-opted Idiots At VOX Declare ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Movie To Be ‘As Dark And Dangerous’ As Child Sex Trafficking Itself

While the leftist media has rounded on Sound of Freedom as some kind of QAnon production for being about combatting international child trafficking, Vox went one further by declaring that the movie is “as dangerous” as the practice of child trafficking itself.

The back story…

The Vox article, published July 14, parrots every other hit piece in declaring the movie to be a “giant dog whistle for QAnon recruitment”.

It also states that the “rugged individualism and masculine rogue operatives on display” in the film are “precisely tailored to cater to views of idealized America.”

Then it asks “Can such faith-based cultural products even exist at this point, let alone serve their specific malnourished target audience, without also fomenting extremist rhetoric, bigotry, and attacks on progressive ideals?”

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The ludicrous piece then claims that the film keep[s] us from scrutinizing hyperbolic, alarmist cries about child trafficking too closely,” before labelling it “a form of extremist propaganda” and asserting it is “at least as dark and dangerous as the very thing Sound of Freedom wants to combat.”


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