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The death cult delusions infecting our times

Covid injections affect our ability to think, promote cancer, possibly cause seizures and brain bleeds in young people and are the cause of many cases of “died suddenly.”  Vaccinated animals in zoos are also dying suddenly.

Last week a tranche of documents relating to Moderna covid injection trials was released which, similar to Pfizer’s trial documents, raise several questions about the safety and liability of Moderna’s “vaccine.”

Yet, without investigating any of these harms and offences, the push for vaccines for anthrax and RSV begins.

If we are to understand the genesis of the bioweapon kill-off done in the name of stopping covid, Professor Anthony Halls says, we require an understanding of the true nature of the villainy behind the 9/11 PsyOp.

Do the covid vaccines affect your ability to think? One of the things that jumped out at the Midwestern Doctor was multiple cases of a friend’s parent in a nursing home receiving the vaccine, immediately undergoing a rapid cognitive decline which was “diagnosed” as Alzheimer’s disease and then dying not long after.

“As I began seeing more and more signs of cognitive impairment following vaccination, I realised that what I observed mirrored what I have previously seen with chronic inflammatory conditions such as mould toxicity, HPV vaccine injuries, and Lyme disease.”

Note: One of the most common types of injuries from pharmaceuticals are neurological injuries which both impair cognitive function and create psychiatric symptoms. This places patients in a difficult situation of being gaslighted by the medical system.

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