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Generation Zapped: The health hazards of wireless technology

A documentary titled ‘Generation Zapped’ took a hard look at the hazards and regulation of the wireless technology that permeates modern life – from cell phones to smart neighbourhoods – and its links to breast cancer, brain tumours and electro hypersensitivity.

Released in 2017 and directed by Sabine El Gemayel, the documentary investigated the growing body of research on the alarming health risks associated with wireless technology. Today, we encounter more than 100,000 times the levels of Radio Frequency (“RF”) exposure from wireless technologies than we did decades ago.

Generation Zapped also explained how wireless technology was brought to market with no safety testing, and how the government agency responsible for establishing public radiation exposure limits has no mandate to ensure those limits are biologically safe. It also discussed the cancer classification given by the World Health Organisation.

Further reading: World Health Organisation International Agency for the Research on Cancer’s Position on Wireless and Health, Environmental Health Trust

The documentary featured leading world experts in wireless radiation who explained how the microwave radiation from cell towers, cell phones, wireless routers, electronic tablets, utility “smart” meters, baby monitors, gaming devices, wearables and more can damage our health and environment. Experts discussed how microwave radiation from wireless technology hits our central nervous system, the immune system and our reproductive systems especially hard. This technology can also disrupt our circadian rhythm, that is our sleep-wake pattern over the course of a 24-hour day.

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