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Daughter of J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Executive Dies Suddenly Following Seizures

A tragic incident unfolded earlier this month when the young daughter of a Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine executive died suddenly following a bout of seizures.

According to her family, 10-year-old girl Kelsey Corinne Morand suffered a fatal brain injury following a seizure on July 3.

“Our 10 year old daughter Kelsey Morand passed away unexpectedly on July 3rd, 2023,” reads a fundraiser in memory of Kelsey seeking to enhance children’s services at a local soup kitchen. “She suffered a brain injury brought on by a seizure and the result was too severe.”


A friend of the family wrote in a Facebook post the girl was “in the pediatric ICU after an extreme seizure yesterday that resulted in her flatlining for 20 minutes. She has been intubated, and is continuing to have seizure.

Facebook screenshots circulating on social media show Kelsey’s father Mike worked in an executive position at Johnson & Johnson and helped bring about the company’s Covid-19 vaccine.

“Friends – Wanted to share a bit of gratitude,” reads one Oct. 16, 2020, post. “I just started a new role at Johnson & Johnson as Director of Channel Strategy for Vaccines. First objective is to support the successful launch of our COVID vaccine, and I am extremely proud to play a small role in this unprecedented challenge.”

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