Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 21 July 2023

EF3 Tornado Destroys Pfizer Plant: Nature Oversees Everything and Now it’s Time for People to Start Focusing their Thoughts on a Positive Future Without Big Brother, Big Pharma, and Big Tech

A tornado with wind speeds of around 150 mph, completely decimated a Pfizer plant, wiping out 50,000 pallets of medicine along with expected long-term damages according to reports. Pfizer tweeted, “We are assessing the situation to determine the impact on production. Our thoughts are with our colleagues, our patients, and the community as we rebuild from this weather incident.” Thirteen people were reported injured along with eighty-nine damaged structures. More developments are likely to unfold revealing the extent of the destruction left by the tornado and what kind of residual effect it has on Pfizer. However, this is not really important. The lesson from this is that the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, sees everything and you cannot fool God. Pfizer knows that the company scammed the world, along with other pharmaceuticals, in pushing an untested, unproven, experimental gene-editing injection under the guise of “vaccine” for a overly-hyped disease. Many blew the whistle, but the corruption continued and the damage had been done. Naturally, many people questioned how such a thing could have happened, and where is the higher power to allow such blatant evil schemes to be orchestrated and cleverly executed harming billions of people free of consequence? Now, the world has just seen a sampling of what’s yet to come for Big Pharma, along with everyone else behind the global corrupt scam pandemic.

Rather than feeling weak and helpless, it is now time for everyone to start concentrating their energies and thoughts into shaping a future where Big Pharma, Big Brother, Big Tech, corrupt politicians and organizations do not exist. A world where everyone is free and has everything they need. No homelessness, poverty, or hunger, no war, violence, or disease. Everyone has access to the necessities of life and relevant education and technology is available for everyone to benefit. Riches no longer belong to the few, but for the masses, and everyone enjoys prosperity.

This energy, if transmitted by a mere ten percent of human beings on earth, is enough to steer the whole planet in a positive direction. The dark forces, who are behind the planned pandemic, are shaking because they know earth is approaching a critical point where everyone could evolve, and then they would lose all of their power. So, it is imperative that people start raising their spirits, and use their God-given spiritual power to create the energy to eliminate all the evils of the world, energetically.

Events on the physical earth plane are nothing more than the manifestation of energy generated by thoughts, emotions, actions, and cosmic forces. There is much interplay going on daily on the metaphysical level, so it is time to stop accepting victim-hood and to fight fire with fire, or in this case, to fight dark energy with more powerful light energy.

All that needs to be done is creating the right energy, and feeding it with continuous nourishment. We don’t need to know how it will be done, because the universe knows best. God can see everything, our senses are very limited, but the cosmic consciousness will deliver. We don’t know how, and we don’t need to. It may be a tornado blowing out Pfizer just like we’ve recently seen, or it could be another natural disaster, or several targeting key structures of dark corporations. Evil politicians may get impeached, imprisoned, or may simply disappear.

There are infinite ways energy can manifest, so the how is not needed. Just the universal wish to have true freedom on this planet for all, and a fair just system that delivers is all that is required. Let the energy manifest however is best, no need to get technical.


Big Pharma to Get Sued

Yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, has led the yoga revolution India and has been very outspoken against Big Pharma and allopathic medicine in favor of pranayama (breathing yoga) and Ayurveda. His company, Patanjali is now over $60 billion-dollar company and offers many ayurvedic herbal powers, juices, tablets, and other products. Many people in India have claimed to be cured of cancer, and many other diseases, just by doing pranayama. Ramdev is now a powerful voice in India with much more influence than before. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, Ramdev is virtually immune from domestic attacks from pharmaceutical companies along with special interest groups. However, foreign powers do not like him speaking badly about drugs. To the displeasure of the medical establishment, he has promoted Ayurveda and pranayama (breathing yoga) for the treatment of several diseases including diabetes and heart disease, claiming that they can all be cured with paranayama alone in most cases. This has outraged Big Pharma, especially when Ramdev presented a natural herbal solution for coronavirus while opposing the allopathic treatment.

Still, Ramdev persists, and has recently even challenged the global pharmaceutical mafia. He plans to sue them in global court. This is the beginning of a revolution of medicine, and the corruption of Big Pharma will eventually be exposed on the mainstream. What was once considered as alternative, will become the norm as natural medicine will finally get the recognition it deserves.

This is what happens when people don’t give in, when they don’t give up and fight back, change eventually happens.

So, let these two examples spark the fire for everyone to transmit the energy to obliterate all the evil on earth to not only get rid of Big Pharma, but all other evil corrupt individuals, organizations, and entities who lie, cheat, and destroy lives in the name of monetary profit. Let the universe wipe out all their assets as swiftly as the North Carolina tornado did to Pfizer, and let justice, healing, and blessings be delivered to all innocent and good people. Let the evil ones go, and let the earth be declared as the common heritage of all people where no one, group, or entity can rule over others.

Such a future is possible in all of our lifetimes, so take these recent events as inspiration and put out the energy to manifest a bright future for humanity.

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