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When Schumer demands ‘UFO’ disclosure you know it’s a scam

Ahead of a major hearing scheduled to take place in the House next week, National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby told reporters Tuesday that UFOs are having a “real impact” on the ability of U.S. Air Force pilots to operate.

“We wouldn’t have stood up an organisation at the Pentagon to analyse and try to collect and coordinate the way these sightings are reported if we didn’t take it seriously,” Kirby said responding to a question on unidentified aerial phenomena.

“I mean, some of these phenomena we know have already had an impact on our training ranges for, you know, when pilots are out trying to do training in the air and they see these things, they’re not sure what they are and it can have an impact on their ability to perfect their skills. So it already had an impact here,” Kirby said, admitting that the military does not know “what they are.”

“Now we’re not saying what they are or what they’re not, we’re saying that there’s something our pilots are seeing, we’re saying it has had an effect on some of our training operations, and so we wanna get to the bottom of it. We wanna understand it better,” Kirby added.


In announcing the upcoming hearing, Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett tweeted Monday “We’re done with the cover-ups.”


The announcement came on the heels of Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Mike Rounds submitting an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would mandate government records related to UAPs “carry the presumption of disclosure.”

Schumer said, “It’s long past time [Americans] get some answers,” adding “The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena.”

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