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Sunak issues historic apology over Britain’s ‘appalling failure’ in banning LGBT people from serving in the Armed Forces as independent report backs pay-outs for veterans. Apology for calculated ‘Covid’ catastrophe still awaits with advice not to hold your breath

Rishi Sunak today issued an apology in the House of Commons for Britain’s ‘appalling failure’ in banning LGBT people from the Armed Forces until the turn of the century.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the ‘horrific’ treatment of LGBT people in the military until they were allowed to serve openly from 2000.

Mr Sunak’s formal apology on behalf of the Government followed the publication of an independent review into the experience of LGBT veterans.

The 268-page report found ‘shocking evidence’ of homophobia, bullying, blackmail, sexual assaults and ‘abusive investigations’ into sexual orientation and sexual preference.

It noted how many victims of the ‘overt homophobic policy’ had taken their own lives, while ‘many of those still living have attempted to die by suicide or have thought about doing so’.

The review called for an ‘appropriate financial award’ to be made to veterans affected by the pre-2000 ban, but Downing Street this afternoon refused to immediately commit to compensation payouts.

Speaking at the start of Prime Minister’s Questions this afternoon, Mr Sunak said: ‘The ban on LGBT people serving in our military until the year 2000 was an appalling failure of the British state decades behind the law of this land.

‘As today’s report makes clear, in that period many endured the most horrific sexual abuse and violence, homophobic bullying and harassment, all while bravely serving this country.

‘Today, on behalf of the British state, I apologise.’

He added: ‘I hope all those affected will be able to feel proud parts of the veteran community that has done so much to keep our country safe.’

The Government-commissioned independent review, carried out by Lord Etherton, had recommended the PM offer a formal apology in Parliament.

It looked into the service and experience of LGBT veterans who served in the Armed Forces between 1967 and 2000.

An ‘appropriate financial award’ should be made to veterans affected by the pre-2000 ban on homosexuality in the armed forces, the review said.

Lord Etherton’s report recommended: ‘An appropriate financial award should be made to affected veterans notwithstanding the expiry of litigation time limits.

‘The Government’s overall exposure should be capped at £50 million.’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: ‘I am pleased that this review has shone a much needed light on a shameful and unacceptable historical chapter in our Armed Forces history.

‘It is heart breaking that the very tolerance and values that we expected our soldiers, sailors and aviators to fight for, were denied to many of them.

‘I am pleased we now have the opportunity to right those historic wrongs so that LGBT Veterans can once again take pride in their service.’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said his party was ‘proud to repeal the ban’ on LGBT personnel serving in the Armed Forces when it was in office.

‘Today, we strongly welcome this apology from the Prime Minister as a recognition of their historic mistreatment,’ he said.

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