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Lunatic control-freaks Sadiq Khan and TfL support ban on London Underground wedding cake ad that cost £20K because the cake is ‘unhealthy’. You ARROGANT buffoons

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said the theatre whose advert featuring a wedding cake was banned from the Tube should have checked that it met Transport for London’s (TfL) rules around displaying unhealthy foods before spending £20,000 on designing and printing it.

The issue was raised by London Assembly member Emma Best at Mayor’s Question Time this morning (Thursday, July 20) after bosses ruled that the marketing poster for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, a dinner show at Wonderville, Haymarket, used an image of an “unhealthy” three-tier sponge cake.

The poster has since been revised, with the image deleted, because TfL says it was seen to promote “foods high in fat, salt and sugar”. The Mirror reports that the new design has cost the production team a further £5,000.

Now, the Mayor has stood by TfL’s decision, and suggested that the theatre and marketing professionals it hired should have ensured the advert met with the authority’s rules before spending the cash.

He said: “At a previous Mayor’s Question Time, Chair, TfL was criticised for failing to enforce its policies on foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Wrongly, by the way, because it was council bus stops, not TfL bus stops.

“And now, TfL’s being criticised for enforcing its policy. What brands are supposed to do, and what most brands do do, is confirm their advertising complies before they print their posters. It’s stipulated by TfL’s media partners in booking confirmation.

“If this particular theatre decided to print the adverts before they’d got confirmation, that’s clearly an issue for them as the client. TfL’s quite clear in relation to its policies.

“And everyone else for the last few years appears to be following that. I’m obviously sorry for any finances lost by this theatre company. I suggest they speak to the company they used to make sure next time they get compliance confirmed before printing posters.”

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