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Watch the moment an e-bike battery explodes in a Birmingham home, leaving its owner running for cover as fire service warns the items must be charged safely

This is the terrifying moment an e-bike owner was forced to run for cover after his bike battery exploded inside his home.

West Midlands Fire Service shared the shocking footage of the explosion in a Birmingham e-bike owner’s home.

The e-bike owner was forced to run for his life as the battery started to spark while on charge.

The owner fled the room just seconds before the e-bike battery filled the room with smoke after bursting into flames.

In sharing the video, West Midlands Fire Service aimed to warn the public about the dangers of rechargeable batteries.

In the clip, the owner can first be seen approaching the device as it sits on charge before tentatively moving away towards the door.

The battery then suddenly explodes with a huge flash before sparks and thick black smoke start billowing into the room.

The thick smoke quickly fills the entire room, in turn obscuring the camera’s view, leaving a view of just sparks and flames on the screen.

West Midlands Fire Service released the shocking video today, in order to warn people about the dangers of e-bike batteries.

A fire service spokesperson said: ‘This is the terrifying moment an e-bike battery exploded when it was on charge.

‘The owner of the footage has kindly let us share it, to flag the dangers. Whether it’s an e-bike or scooter, mobile phone or other device, always charge safely.

‘Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never leave an item charging while you’re asleep or away from home.

‘Never charge where a fire could block your escape route. Always unplug when the device is fully charged.

‘Please share to encourage others to charge safely.’

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