Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 July 2023

Everyone in NATO is a War Criminal

NATO has been an offensive, war-mongering lobby group for the arms industry ever since its foundation.

Despite pretending to exist to keep the peace, NATO has always been eager to start more wars and use more bombs and bullets.

But today, for the designer war between America and Russia, NATO has gone further than ever before – it has become a terrorist organisation.

And everyone involved in NATO is now, officially, a war criminal.


Because NATO forces have given two banned types of military hardware to Ukraine.

First, there were depleted uranium shells.

These will cause many cases of cancer among innocent civilians.

Just as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even the Americans won’t now use depleted uranium. So Britain is sending them to Ukraine.

Now there are cluster bombs.

These release loads of small bombs which look like toys. And they’re banned by more than 100 countries.

The aim is that children will pick them up. And the bomb will blow off an arm or a leg.

Cluster bombs are used because when children are injured the population becomes depressed. And hospitals are kept busy trying to keep badly wounded children alive. Plus the community then has to try to deal with children with no arms or no legs or no limbs at all.

That’s what NATO has become.

Every political leader who attended the latest NATO conference is a war criminal.

Everyone working for NATO is a war criminal.

That’s not rhetoric.

It’s not opinion.

It’s fact.

Our leaders are war criminals.

And they’re doing it in our name.

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