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Breaking The Freemasonic Curse With Dr Selwyn Stevens – New Classified Out Now on

BREAKING THE FREEMASONIC CURSE with Dr Selwyn Stevens. A fascinating Classified File from a Christian perspective. What energies or entities are they dancing with as they climb the Pyramid of the Freemasons?

We have heard of demons such as the Archons, Djinn and their biblical equivalent Demons and those who have investigated topics such as Satanism, Mind Control, Secret Space Programs and Bohemian Grove know that secret rituals are performed to invoke theses entities. The Freemasons are a semi secret society who conduct their own occult rituals as you climb the ladder of control with their pyramid system. Dr Selwyn Stevens discusses how he believes these rituals place a curse on the family bloodline of those involved and how through Christianity and a personal relationship with Jesus he says these generational curses’ can be broken.

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