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Yes, We Can End The Ukraine War In 24 Hours — Here’s How

As the United States Presidential Primaries are now in full swing, there is much talk about the future of the American-Ukraine-Russian entanglement. Should the United States be sending more assistance to Ukraine? Less? Are we moving fast enough? Should we be moving at all? These are the questions that are beginning to show the dividing lines in both parties between the anti-war and pro-war camps and, thus, the oligarchy’s approved candidates and those who are more outside the acceptable reins of modern politically established candidates.

I will remind my own readers that, in 2013, when the Obama administration overthrew the Yanukovich Presidency in Ukraine, I wrote numerous articles not only exposing the coup for what it was but also predicting that the color revolution in Ukraine would lead to a confrontation between the United States and Russia on the battlefield of Ukraine. I was criticized for not supporting the “freedom movement” in Ukraine that soon turned into ethnic conflict and civil war. I was then criticized for opposing American “assistance” to Ukraine in the form of money and weaponry as well as training and American military personnel. I was wrong, according to my critics, for not supporting the “underdog” against the alleged aggressor who was bigger and stronger. If only my critics had reacted logically instead of emotionally and in a woefully uninformed manner, perhaps public opinion would have opposed any involvement in Ukraine and much of the needless bloodshed would never have occurred.

That’s doubtful, of course, since public opinion alone rarely makes a difference when the Great Eating Machine is hungry and has decided to march forward with a pre-ordained plan of war or economic destruction.

The vindication I feel for being right in my assessment ten years prior is no match for the disappointment I feel at watching Ukrainians being slaughtered by Russians and other Ukrainians, for Russians being killed by Ukrainians, and for the distinct possibility that American service personnel may soon be experiencing the same fate. It does not make up for the very real threat of World War Three that will affect every man, woman, and child upon the planet this time around. It also does not make up for watching Americans insulted every day by the fact that billions of dollars are routinely shipped to Ukraine while their own country falls apart at the seams.

For those who are unaware of the true nature of the conflict in Ukraine as it currently stands, I would encourage you to search my website and find those articles from 2013. Everything is explained there and it will shed light on how we got to where we are at the moment.

But it is one thing to say “We never should have done that in the first place,” or “we shouldn’t have let it get this far.” The fact of the matter is we did overthrow the Ukrainian government. We did assist in the arming of militias who engaged in ethnic warfare. We did break up a struggling country that is virtually beyond repair as a whole nation. We did arm Ukraine. We are currently still pushing for Ukraine to join NATO as well as to destabilize and break up Russia.

It is also one thing to oppose war and destabilization but another to offer a legitimate end to the war that does not involve further violence, collapse, or worsening of living conditions for all parties involved. Being opposed to bad outcomes is half the battle but supporting positive outcomes is the other half.

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