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The Age of The Psy-Op Saviours Like Musk and Trump

As a sort of hangover from comprehension exercises I used to do in year 6, I have an odd yet intractable habit of mentally rearranging the letters of people’s names to see if there are any “clues” or hidden messages contained therein…. (I was thrilled when I thought ‘Nicola Bulley’ was an anagram of ‘in ye loyal club’ until someone pointed out there aren’t actually multiple y’s in ‘Nicola’…). So, I couldn’t help but, months ago, make an internal note of the fact that the ever-more prominent and plumped up ‘hero’, Elon Musk, is an anagram of lone skum…

In my opinion, this tells us much about Mr. Musk, although it is somewhat misleading to describe him as ‘lone’… rather, Musk is a fully signed up member of “the club” (the same one Nicola Bulley was – nearly – in).

Skum, I mean, Musk, has been making major international waves these past few weeks – again – and this time, for publicly branding the BBC “government-funded media” (oh, Elon, you’re so mischievous!), and then branding them liars, who obscured key facts about the dangers of the Covid vaccine.

The BBC then invited Musk on to discuss these claims in an interview, and shared said interview on its own website. Which, obviously, is exactly what you do if a genuine whistle-blower has caught you out in an organic way that wasn’t at all scripted, staged, and planned (eye roll emoji, face-palm emoji).

Just like it’s incredibly plausible and realistic that Aseem Malhotra, one of the UK’s most well-known vaccine sceptics, was “accidentally” allowed on the BBC to discuss the harms of the jabbecause “a junior researcher forgot to check him out”.

If you believe any of this, that Musk and Malhotra and their ilk are genuine anti-establishment heroes stickin’ it to the man, and the BBC is just too bumbling and incompetent to manage to protect itself from these formidable freedom fighters, then my ever-expanding back catalogue of bargain bridges is on special offer…

To be clear, we are in the midst of a controlled demolition of our culture, as the overlords – as they like to do every eighty years or so – wish to completely do away with our current way of life and replace it with something completely different: “The Great Reset”. But before we can reset our culture, we have to ensure all dominant institutions which inspire trust, faith, and pride are destroyed.

If you were to define British culture, what would be the kind of dominant institutions and traditions that would come to mind?

The Royal family, perhaps? Well, the Queen is now dead whilst the remaining Royals are mired in so much scandal and suspicion – everything from racism to slavery to sex trafficking – that their imminent abolition looks inevitable.

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