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Tesla fire sparks concern after electric car burst into flames

Dramatic photos show a Tesla car on fire after it burst into flames on a residential street in London.

The incident sparked concern for one witness – who owns an almost identical vehicle. Eugenio Mereuis is now fearful the same could happen to his Tesla.

Eugenio watched the electric car blazing and billowing black smoke on the side of the street this morning (July 16). The 36-year-old said the fire was so strong he could hear it crackling from his house before he captured it on camera at 9.26am.

He added he couldn’t see anything that may have caused the fire, leaving him fearful that his Tesla could meet the same fate. Mr Mereu’s car incidentally matches the one that now sits burnt out on the street, it is reportedly the “same car, same colour, same year.”

The London resident claimed the blazing car is a Tesla Model Y, which reportedly have a starting price of around £44,990. Police and three fire engines reportedly attended the scene on residential Perth Road, Ilford, north London.

“There was a bit of a commotion and I went outside and it had caught on fire, completely,” said Eugenio. “It’s scary because I’ve actually got the exact same car.

“I heard one person screaming and then you could actually hear the fire, making the crackling noise. Imagine, I’ve got the same car, same colour, same year, everything brand new. I was like oh my God that’s concerning.

“Imagine the owner not knowing, obviously they parked it overnight. Even more fire engines started coming, more police afterwards as well.

“Then they started tell people to go back indoors and move us on, to not cause a commotion or make it worse.”

It is not the first time a Tesla has “self-combusted”: In January this year, it took 22,000 litres of water to put out a similarly spontaneous fire on a Model S sports car in Sacramento, California. A website called Tesla Fire, documenting Elon Musk’s company’s flaming track record, claims 204 Tesla fires have been reported in the media.

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