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Lawsuit Claiming the US is Using Citizens as Lab Rats is Dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed the Targeted Justice lawsuit.

Claiming at the outset that the lawsuit, filed on behalf of eighteen individuals who claim that they have been placed, non-consensually, on a government blacklist and subsequently attacked with covert weaponry, is “bizarre and fantastical,” federal judge Lee Rosenthal went on, in her twenty-one page decision, to detail that the 1) individuals lacked standing to sue, that 2) the court lacks jurisdiction over the “individual-capacity defendants” (which include FBI Director Christopher Wray and others) and also points out that 3) Congress failed to provide a Bivens remedy for prior violations of “the sort alleged here, despite—as the plaintiffs allege—past governmental abuses of similar character.”

The dismissal references the MKUltra programs and states that “despite the abuses and subsequent condemnation of those programs, Congress did not create a damages cause of action for the individuals they allegedly harmed. The Bivens case law and this congressional inaction are reason enough to conclude that the plaintiffs cannot sue the individual defendants here for damages.”

While the sorts of abuses detailed in the lawsuit are echoed in the reports of “Havana Syndrome,” which has reportedly caused grave injury and disability in a number of US diplomats and CIA agents, the US government has continued to maintain that any such claims being launched by anyone outside these circles are false and “nutty.” The mainstream media has enforced this narrative and Congress, while rushing to pass a law to require medical aid for the vetted victims of Havana syndrome  has continued to ignore the numerous claims that ordinary people are also now being assaulted with these weapons.

Those making these claims refer to themselves as “targeted individuals.” Their claims often use the word “torture” to describe the effects of directed energy weapons, microwave weapons and voice-to-skull technology.

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