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German food banks in crisis (welcome to the Hunger Games Society)

Germany’s over 900 food banks, overseen by charitable organization Tafel e.V., support anyone who can prove they’re facing financial hardship. But fewer and fewer companies are donating to these food banks, although demand is growing amid high inflation and the influx of Ukrainian refugees. That’s why food banks are now calling on the German state for help.

The growing need for food aid is clearly evident in Berlin’s Köpenick district, where the fan center for Bundesliga team FC Union Berlin has been converted into a grocery distribution point. A line of people are standing outside in the blistering heat, waiting to enter. It’s 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and there’s no shade in sight.

Denise Lauer is making her first visit to a food bank. For a long time, she was too reluctant and ashamed to go. “I wanted to try it out,” she told DW. “But in the past, I was too embarrassed.”

Lauer, a single parent with a son, said “it has become increasingly difficult to make ends because of the high food costs.” Today, though, she has gathered all her courage and is looking forward to taking home a basket of groceries sold for just €1.50 ($1.70) — the same price for everyone.

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