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Vernon Coleman: Passing Observations 190

  • The climate change, re-wilding nutters want all sports to be stopped. They hate the idea of people cutting grass so that they can play golf, cricket, football, etc. And they hate the idea of players and spectators travelling around. It is their intention to stop all travel – except for themselves, of course. They hate traditional farming because it involves tractors and machinery and the use of fossil fuels. I’m serious. These lunatics want to destroy everything in life which is good. We tend to laugh at the climate change psychos for holding such absurd ideas in their tiny heads, and for being so wrong about everything, but they are immensely dangerous people. We must take them seriously. They know that there is no science behind their nonsense and so they won’t debate their claims, of course, so it is up to us, the truth-tellers, to spread the word about their madness. I’m banned from all mainstream media but if everyone reading this wrote a letter, or sent an email, to a newspaper pointing out that the dangerous myth of climate change will result in billions of deaths and utter misery for anyone left behind, we might dent the self-righteous idiocy of the climate change freaks.
  • Any teacher who tells children that global warming is real is not just deluded and dangerously ignorant, they are also guilty of a crime of unimaginable proportions and unimaginable consequences. This dangerous propaganda is nothing more than an unpleasant branch of science fiction, and is destroying the lives of generations. For real facts about climate change read: Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen. It’s available as a paperback and an eBook. It’s entertaining as well as massively informative.
  • According to a website of a charity called Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’ the term ‘bonus hole’ can be used as an alternative to ‘vagina’. This is, they say, ‘language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people’. I really don’t believe some of the disgraceful, demeaning crap I see these days. But it’s there on their damned website. If you want to pretend to be a real woman, when you are patently not, why wouldn’t you want to have (or pretend to have) what real women have and be happy to call it what everyone else calls it? The people responsible for thinking up what seems to me to be abusive stuff like this are, in my view, deranged and should be locked up somewhere far away and denied access to pen and paper let alone access to computers. The term ‘bonus hole’ is the most sexist phrase I’ve ever heard, and I doubt if I am entirely alone in thinking that. I realise it is illegal to hold un-woke opinions these days, and even more illegal to express them, but the woke have the BBC to keep them happy so they can bugger off.

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