Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 15 July 2023

My daughter’s life has been ruined by the Covid vaccine, and so has mine

Every day we are republishing the personal accounts of those who have been injured by the Covid-19 vaccines in the hope of  forcing the issue to MPs’ attention; to prick their consciences, and make them aware that it is their duty to see that this gross injustice is rectified at the very least through a reformed and responsive compensation scheme, and also, importantly, through the removal of the vaccine manufacturers’ indemnity. Today’s article was first published on April 21, 2023. 

MY beautiful 36-year-old daughter Holly took one Pfizer shot in May 2021. It seems by the evidence emerging that doses given in May 2021 were lethal.

As a mother, I tried to protect my children and stop my children taking these lethal injections, I certainly wasn’t going to take any, but the fear created by the government won and all four of my children took them. Three had adverse reactions, one didn’t so I believe he had a placebo. I feel like a failure and useless as a mum. Fighting a lost cause. My husband labelled me as mad.

On July 19, 2021 every mother’s nightmare came true. The telephone rang, initially I was confused as to why my son-in-law was calling. My daughter had been rushed into hospital with a massive bleed on her brain and was unconscious.

We informed her siblings and all drove 150 miles to the hospital. Because of Covid we were told we could not go in to see her. We fought tooth and nail and only myself and her husband were allowed in for 30 minutes. Her siblings were left crying outside. Not one ounce of empathy or sympathy given by any doctor, consultant or nurse; heartless creatures ‘just doing their job’. I used to work for the NHS and abided by ‘do unto others’.

My daughter had brain surgery and was in a coma for eight weeks. We called every day and spoke into her ear praying she would hear us and living in hope that she would make a full recovery.

The hospital were heartless, forcing masks, stopping visits and one CEO told us he doesn’t care about families, all he cares about is Covid.

The staff let her become dehydrated, they couldn’t even keep her hair clean so her scalp became infected. They tested her weekly for Covid, one positive test and she was shipped off to another hospital and put on a dementia ward where objects were being thrown and constant shouting and no visitors, left in isolation numerous times. Then they jabbed her again just before her 35th birthday.

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