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Japanese Embassy Warns Citizens About Rising Violent Crime in France

The Japanese government has issued an urgent warning to citizens traveling to or residing in France over a surge of violent crime, according to reports.

An email obtained by Fdesouche reportedly originating from the Embassy of Japan in France alerts recipients about lawlessness in the capital region, particularly on the highway linking Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris.

“Most thefts are committed on the highway connecting the city and the airport, and the thief approaches the stopped car in traffic on foot or on a motorcycle and breaks the car window with a blunt object or something like a stone, and forcibly steals a bag placed on the lap or seat,” the bulletin states.

“The most frequent occurrences are inside the tunnel in front of the Stade de France (Saint-Denis multipurpose stadium) and a few hundred meters after the tunnel exit.”

Taxis, private cars, and rental cars are most frequently targeted, sometimes leading to injuries from broken glass, according to the email.

Travelers are recommended to take precautionary measures to avoid becoming victims of predatory criminals, such as transporting luggage in secure spaces or hiding it from view, and avoiding wearing luxury clothing or accessories.

Other advice includes tips on how to drive defensively and stay alert for bandits on the roads.

“When a car slows down or stops in traffic, pay attention to what is behind you and what is around you,” the email states. “If you are forced to stop in traffic, avoid the rightmost lane and move to the center or left lane whenever possible.”

“If you are in a private car, use shatterproof film on the glass to prevent it from shattering.”

While the communiqué focuses primarily on issues in the Paris metro region, readers are also cautioned about “many other crimes in France.”

Infowars has frequently reported on growing instability in France, most recently exemplified by widespread violence and looting in the wake of the fatal police shooting of a teenager with a migration background.

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