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BMA Joins Vernon Coleman in attacking GMC

My long-running campaign against the General Medical Council (the UK body which gives licences to doctors and then seems to me to take them away if doctors dare to tell the truth or behave ethically) is bearing fruit.

I’m delighted – though slightly startled – to see that the British Medical Association (‘the patients’ enemy’) agrees with my views on the GMC.

The General Medical Council is, in my opinion, useless and dangerous. It needs to be closed down immediately. In my view, the staff sometimes appear rude or uppity, don’t understand the extent and limit of their responsibilities, and don’t seem to realise that their (essentially subservient) role in life is merely to protect patients.

On 25th April 2023, I published an article headed ‘Here’s why cowardly doctors didn’t dare stand up and tell the truth about covid and the jab’.

I explained that the GMC had struck doctors off the register (and removed their licences to practise) if they dared question the official, false claim that the world was threatened with a covid pandemic.

And I explained that this was why so many doctors didn’t dare to speak out and tell the truth about the over-marketed flu bug or expose the dangers of the experimental covid-19 `vaccine’.

The hundreds of officious and expensive administrators at the GMC must bear responsibility for the many death and injuries caused by a vaccine that was never fit for use, that didn’t do what it was supposed to do and which did cause a mass of serious health problems – such as death.

Because of the GMC, doctors were too terrified to speak out against the medical establishment. They saw what had happened to colleagues who dared to share their views with their colleagues and the general public. They say that doctors who dared to speak out had their licences removed by the GMC and were, in addition, vilified by the media.

The truth, so well hidden during the last three years, is that the medical establishment was, as it has been for decades, controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and instead of looking at the facts, licensing authorities around the world merely did as they were told to do.

The tragedy is that numerous doctors lost their licences, and their livelihoods, because they dared to speak out and tell the truth. The majority of doctors, seeing what had happened to those who spoke out, kept quiet and betrayed their patients, themselves and their profession. Those gutless wimps should be ashamed.

Now there are two reasons why truth-tellers can celebrate.

First, I am delighted to report that the BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting has passed a no confidence vote for the GMC and will now call for its leaders to be sacked.

The BMA motion said that `too many’ Medical Practitioners Tribunal Services fitness to practise decisions are `disproportionate to the error of the doctors mistake’ and expressed no confidence in the current tribunal.

Doctors voted for a motion calling for the leadership team of the GMC to be dismissed and replaced with a team that `commands the confidence and support of the medical profession’.

The BMA hasn’t yet quite joined me in calling for the entire GMC to be closed down and replaced. But they’re getting close!

Second, Dr Mohammad Adil, the brave surgeon who was struck off the medical register in the UK for daring to air his opinions about the covid fraud, is now taking the GMC to court. On 19th October 2023 his case will be heard at the Royal Court of Justice in London. Dr Adil had his licence taken from for no good reason three years ago. He has been unable to work for all that time.

His crime? Speaking out.

In the United Kingdom, where doctors are licensed by the General Medical Council, an organisation which is, in theory at least, a charity but which appears to have some of the worst qualities of a quango, a government department and an enforcer for the drug industry. I believe that drug companies control governments, they control the medical establishment and, it appears, they may also control the UK’s medical licensing authority – the General Medical Council.

The GMC has become infamous for its extraordinarily one-sided defence of the exaggerated covid pandemic and the pointless but enormously dangerous covid vaccine.

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