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The Absurd Spectacle of Miss Netherlands Being Won by a Man Shows That Women Are Being Erased

Following news that the new Miss Netherlands is a biological male named Rikkie Valerie Kollé, Maureen Callahan in the Mail says we can “add beauty pageants to the list of women’s spaces that are no longer, well, women’s spaces”. Here’s an excerpt.

Kollé’s next stop: the Miss Universe pageant, now owned by transgender Thai business mogul Anne Jakrajutatip.

And we biological women are expected to cheer, to be exhilarated by this latest theft.

Take a look at the faces of the runners-up.

More than a few look as if they’re in shock. Rightly so. Women in beauty pageants have every expectation of losing — to another woman. But to a biological male? Who has invaded yet another event that, in its very founding and mission statement, is specific to women? …

It’s safe to say that more women than not will be outraged by a biological man crowned beauty queen — an end goal, no matter what you think of it, that takes time, money, sacrifice and discipline. …

To speak up is, we well know, to be smeared as a TERF – a so-called ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’– or a bigot.

It’s just another misogynistic bullying tactic.

Truly: Enough. The Miss Netherlands win caps yet another week in which women have been told that our very biological systems are not unique to us.

It’s enough simpering and cowering to a very small slice of the population determined to shame biological women out of sport, sororities, spaces such as shelters and female-only prisons. Who are hellbent on erasing and co-opting womanhood.

Childbirth? Not just for women anymore.

Breastfeeding? How dare we.

Biology? A mere construct, sweethearts.

In case we weren’t aware, it’s not just women who menstruate. The proper term is ‘menstruator’ — per the female founder of a tampon company who talked to an obsequious Gayle King last week about “this age of transphobia” and being “a proudly gender-inclusive brand”.

What a joke. Let’s talk when biological males express the deep desire to go through menopause.

Even more, in just the past week: Healthcare professionals are now urged to use the terms “front holes” or “bonus holes” instead of “vaginas”.

May I ask: Where are we on the alternative, non-gender specific terms for penises? Testicles?

What shall we now call prostate cancer, or testicular cancer?

Why aren’t we as hell-bent on denying male anatomy or diseases that, due to biology, only affect men?

Here’s another one: Breastfeeding is now ‘chestfeeding.’

According to an announcement from the Centers for Disease Control last week, biological men can and should be encouraged to ‘chestfeed’ infants and babies — even though the hormones needed to induce such unnatural discharge may, according to the FDA, “pass into breast milk in small amounts and can sometimes give babies an irregular heartbeat”.

Here we are. Not even the needs and safety of infants come before the wants of trans activists.

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