Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 July 2023

Passing Observations 186

  1. According to statistics released by the UK Government, the weather in the UK has been hotter this year than it has been in any year since 2022. Climate change scientists added that the weather in June 2023 was warmer than the weather in January or February of 2023. According to the BBC this proves conclusively that the earth will be so hot by 2024 that mountains will start melting, the sea will start boiling and everyone will die.
  2. Why isn’t the UN condemning the Israelis for their terrorist attacks on the Palestinians? (I know the answer but the question needs asking.) Why aren’t other nations using sanctions to punish Israel? (I know the answer but the question needs asking.) Why is America continuing to supply Israel with arms? (I know the answer but the question needs asking.)
  3. Arms which America supplied to Ukraine are being used by rioters in France.
  4. I was not surprised to see that the BBC is in trouble again with yet another sex scandal. It is the response of the management as much as the activities of the presenter which is most troubling to most people. The BBC is uncaring, arrogant and remote and the staff have no sense of right or wrong and no sense of responsibility. That’s why it is devoted to propaganda rather than truth. The BBC’s mission seems to me to be to spread misinformation and disinformation and it’s doing so well at this that I expect there will be pay rises and gongs all around within the year. It is time to close down the BBC which, like the NHS, is an institution well past its ‘use by date’. Meanwhile, I find myself who on earth the anonymous presenter could possibly be. (You probably know by now). Like the Mikado I made myself a little list and then realised that the names on the list weren’t people whom I thought it might be, but the people I rather wanted it to be. It isn’t difficult to find sanctimonious, woke individuals on any list of BBC staff.
  5. Companies in the UK are refusing to hire anyone under 21 years of age because they are unreliable, often don’t bother to complete their first week and have no work ethic. Many are also either illiterate or innumerate or both. School teachers are to blame. They spend too much time indoctrinating and not enough time teaching.
  6. The EU has given 50 billion euros to Ukraine and now wants to turn the EU into a banker for that beleaguered and defeated skeleton of a country. NATO should have never started the war with Russia. They should end it now. They won’t. NATO will continue to grind Ukraine into the dust. All those involved with NATO are war criminals for supplying cluster bombs and depleted uranium shells.
  7. London’s absurd and destructive clean air zone will destroy businesses and do irreparable harm to the city. As with the nutters campaigning for net zero, lies now take the place of statistics and no sensible person believes any of the supporting ‘evidence’ used to support totalitarian plans for the city any more than they believe the meterologists when they witter on about the mythical climate change. The clean air zone is nothing to do with clean air and everything to do with stopping motoring and, in the end, all travel. We are all fighting for our lives. At the next election, don’t vote for anyone representing any of the major political parties. Vote for independent candidates. Read my books ‘Bloodless Revolution’ and ‘Stuffed!’.

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