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Claims that UK’s temperature last month was “the hottest since records began” is a lie

The year 2023 will go down as “The Return of Climate Crisis.” We had a few wonderful years of pandemic-led reprieve, but now all CO2 cylinders are once again firing.

Last week, in their desperate bid to support the failing global warming narrative, official weather agencies in the UK were claiming that June’s average temperature of 15.8C (60.4F) is a new all-time monthly high: “hottest since records began.”

The BBC was first to propagandise the news, unsurprisingly, adding the baseless claim, “climate change made the chance of surpassing the previous joint record at least twice as likely, scientists say.”

UK’s Warm June Has a Natural Explanation – Leaps To ‘Catastrophism’ Are Baseless

By Cap Allon, republished from Electroverse

In reality, the UK never rose above 32.2C (89.9F) during the month, which is far from the nation’s hottest June high on record – the 35.6C (96.1F) set in 1956, matched in 1976. Rather, it was the night time lows that crept that average up; a phenomenon proved to be exaggerated by the urban heat island effect (the Met Office’s systematic removal of rural temperature stations in favour of those cited in ever-expanding concrete-dense metropolises is by-the-by, of course – certainly not a factor).

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Taking the official figures as read, June 2023 looks warm, overall, I won’t argue that, but it was far from historic.

The June of 1846 – for example – was far hotter, at least in England, coming in with an average temperature of 18.2C (64.8F). Likewise, as per the Central England Temperature (CET) record, the Junes of 1676, 1826, and 1842 were also all hotter than June 2023, with the Junes of 1775, 1762, 1798, 1858, and 1976 all comparable.

Inconveniently for the Anthropogenic Global Warming (“AGW”) Party, the UK’s warm June just gone has as much to do with sunshine hours as it does anything else.

A relatively – for the UK – low amount of cloud and a lack of rainfall sparked a gloriously mild month for most. But it turns out “cloud cover” is just another data-point official agencies actively work to keep from the public – it would surely confuse their agenda.

Below is official Met Office data: UK Sunshine Hours vs Temperature.  Even though these two measurements correlate perfectly, the agency flat-out refuses to publicly link them:

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