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‘Are you sure?’ Bud Light is slammed AGAIN for latest tweet that says ‘the best beer is an open beer’ as backlash over Dylan Mulvaney partnership costs them $22 billion in market cap

Bud Light’s latest attempt to win back beer lovers has fallen flat with consumers as the brand continues to fight for its life after its disastrous partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

The beer maker was lambasted Monday for posting on Twitter a GIF of a frothing can of Bud being cracked open with the caption: ‘The best beer is an open beer.’

The post followed a Sunday clip which was mercilessly mocked online for showing a female picnic-goer spooning large bites of watermelon into her mouth as wind sent paper plates and cans of Bud flying.

The company’s April partnership with transgender influencer Mulvaney has cost the brand’s parent-company about $22billion in market cap to date.


Bud Light continues to fight for its life in the aftermath of a disastrous April partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, that has so far cost the brand's parent-company about $22billion in market cap

Bud Light has posted steady declines since April

Monday’s post was hit hard in the comments section by disgruntled tweeters.

‘Hard pass, banned for life in our home!’ wrote one disheartened former fan.

‘The best beer is a beer that is not a Bud Light,’ wrote Derek Schwartz.

‘The best women are biological women,’ wrote a third user, gesturing toward the Mulvaney scandal.

One account got straight to the point, writing: ‘That depends. if it’s a Bud Light, then the best beer is any other beer you can get your hands on. Bud Light turned its back on the working man and embraced a bunch of woke whiners. #boycottbudlight.’

Bud Light sales continued to slump in July – a generally critical period for alcohol brands.

Sales plunged 28.5 percent for the week that ended in July 1, down slightly from the 27.9 percent decline the brand saw for the week ending in June 24.

The domestic beer’s problems have, to some extent, bled into its sister brands under the umbrella of Anheuser-Busch.

Sales of Michelob Ultra – the nation’s third favorite beer last year – were down by 4.3 percent in the week ending in July 1. Busch Light sales were down 8.5 percent for the same period, according to Bump Williams Consulting and NielsonIQ data.

Budweiser was also down 12.1 percent, according to the consultants.

Modelo Especial, on the other hand, has seen its sales rise – jumping 11.4 percent for the July 1 week after climbing steadily since spring.

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