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Stop talking! Furious self-entitled living-off-the-state narcissist Charlie Boy loses his patience and scolds guardsman after confused-looking Biden refused to end their conversation

King Charles appeared to briefly lose his patience when he tried to get President Joe Biden to move along during their meeting at Windsor Castle on Monday.

Mr Biden appeared reluctant to end his conversation when Charles tried to get him to stop talking during their inspection of the Welsh Guards in the middle of a welcome ceremony.

A hands-on Mr Biden, 80, grabbed 74-year-old Charles’ arm as they embraced and shook hands, then put his hand on his back during their lap of the quadrangle.

He also clutched the handrail to get on stage for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner after forcing Charles to wait for his SUV to drive through the castle.

The pair smiled and joked during the formalities, and ushered each other around the grounds of the historic castle, before holding talks on climate change.

At one point, the monarch tried to get Mr Biden to keep walking while he spoke to one of the guards. The president stood and kept chatting while the King tried, and failed, to get him to keep moving.

Charles then appeared to direct his anger at the guard before walking away with the president who has tried to quash allegations he is anti-British.


Mr Biden is spending just 24 hours in London, sparking questions over why a full British state visit hasn’t been planned.  He spent just 42 minutes having tea with Prime Minster Rishi Sunak at 10 Downing Street.

He faced fury in May after he decided to skip Charles’ Coronation and send First Lady Jill and granddaughter Finnegan, and raised eyebrows when he bizarrely ended a June speech saying ‘God save the Queen, man’.

Nile Gardiner, a former senior aide to the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, slammed the president for undertaking ‘the most low-key U.S. visit to London in decades.’

‘You have to ask what was the point in Biden coming over? It seems to be quite a dismissive trip in many respects,’ Gardiner told

‘He is viewed by British conservatives as an absolute disaster,’ he added. Most Tories see him as deeply anti-British and incompetent.

The director of the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom suggested that much of the commander-in-chief’s ‘disdain’ for Britain stems from its recent decision to leave the European Union.

‘Biden hates Brexit. His top advisers intensely dislike Brexit. They are pro-German, pro-French and pro-Brussels. It’s a reflection of the misguided mindset in this White House,’ he said.

Mr Biden last had formal talks with Charles at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November 2021.

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