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Israeli professor who claims to have given evidence to the FBI about Biden family corruption is charged by DOJ with arms trafficking and Iran sanctions violations – as he remains on the run

An Israeli professor who claims to have given evidence to the FBI about Biden family corruption has been charged with arms trafficking and violating US sanctions on Iran by the DOJ.

Gal Luft, 57, was arrested in February on eight counts of working secretly for China, attempting to broker the sale of arms to Libya, Kenya and the UAE without the necessary US permits, and selling Iranian oil to China in violation of sanctions.

He was detained in Cyprus but fled while free on bail. His whereabouts are unknown, but on Monday the indictment against him was unsealed.

Luft claims he has information about the Biden family’s business with people linked to Chinese military intelligence. He was a potential witness for the US House committee investigating wrongdoings by Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden.

The status of his potential testimony is not known now that Biden’s DOJ has announced charges against the think-tank leader.

Luft is charged with willfully failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, arms trafficking, Iranian sanctions violations and making false statements to federal agents.

Luft last week told The New York Post, in a video filmed from an undisclosed location, he was being hunted by the Justice Department because he had information about the Bidens.

‘I, who volunteered to inform the US government about a potential security breach and about compromising information about a man vying to be the next president, am now being hunted by the very same people who I informed — and may have to live on the run for the rest of my life,’ he said.

The House Oversight Committee was preparing to interview Luft as part of their investigation into the Biden family before he fled his extradition from Greece.

Luft claims he met with FBI agents in Brussels in 2019 and told them relatives of President Joe Biden were receiving vast sums of money from Chinese officials.

Luft said the China state-controlled energy company CEFC was paying $100,000 a month to Hunter Biden, and $65,000 to his uncle, Joe’s brother, Jim Biden.

Hunter and Jim Biden took the money in exchange for their FBI connections and use of the Biden name to promote China’s Belt and Road Initiative around the world, Luft claimed.

On Monday, prosecutors in Manhattan detailed the charges against Luft, which were filed earlier this year.

Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said Luft worked illegally to advance Chinese interests in the United States and worldwide.

‘As alleged, Gal Luft, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen and co-head of a Maryland think tank, engaged in multiple, serious criminal schemes,’ said Williams.

‘He subverted foreign agent registration laws in the United States to seek to promote Chinese policies by acting through a former high-ranking U.S. Government official; he acted as a broker in deals for dangerous weapons and Iranian oil; and he told multiple lies about his crimes to law enforcement.

‘As the charges unsealed today reflect, our Office will continue to work vigorously with our law enforcement partners to detect and hold accountable those who surreptitiously attempt to perpetrate malign foreign influence campaigns here in the United States.’

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